Proof of Concept

The inspiration for The Children’s Park of Georgia is based on the design and meaning of The Children’s Park in Tyler, Texas.  Jennifer Carson succeeded in building this amazing park in memory of her baby boy Braden.  Be sure to check out the flickr gallery on their site to see the joy and peace this park now brings to their community.  It is an amazing success.

From the Case Study from The Children’s Park in Tyler, Texas:  “As one strolls through the beautifully landscaped park, sits on the benches, listens to the gentle flow of the waterfalls and streams, we all experience a heightened awareness of how precious life is.  The love and appreciation for our existing children is reaffirmed and we realize that we should never take our children for granted.   We must celebrate every day with them.”

The following letter from a visitor to The Children’s Park in Tyler emphasizes the sentimental value the park brings the community. 

Jennifer Carson and others who helped make this park such a success in their community have been so gracious with their time and support to help us build our own Children’s Park in Georgia.  It is our goal to establish a sisterhood that lead to the development of many successful Children’s Parks across the country.