Calling and History

The Children's Park of Georgia is the premier project of Remember Georgia's Children Foundation (RGCF).  RGCF was founded by Christy Cox Zeigler in 2005 in memory of her daughter, Alexis Cox Zeigler, who passed away 17 hours after birth.  As a newly bereaved parent, Christy’s heart ached for a way to recognize the life of her daughter. Alexis’ life on earth was so short yet she forever left an impression on the lives of those who held her, loved her and had to let go of their dreams for her. Christy found peace in realizing that the hours she had with her were a precious gift from the Lord as was the miracle of her surviving son.   It was during this time it occurred to her she had a great longing to visit a park that didn’t yet exist. Not an empty green space or flower garden, she wanted to go someplace beautiful with meaning…a place where she could reflect, pray, feel understood and be at peace with the circumstances that weren’t going to change.

After much research, Christy came across The Children’s Park in Tyler, Texas.  Jennifer Carson had succeeded in building this amazing park in memory of her baby boy Braden.  The purpose of the park was to celebrate the lives of all children – those living, those who have passed, those with special needs, and the perfectly healthy.  The park was a huge success in their community.  After contacting Jennifer, Christy knew that Georgia needed this park and the tragedy of losing her daughter would result in an amazing gift to the community for generations to come.

Praise the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! He is the Father who is compassionate and the God who gives comfort.  He comforts us whenever we suffer. That is why whenever other people suffer, we are able to comfort them by using the same comfort we have received from God.  2 Corinthians 1: 3-4    May God be glorified in our efforts to follow His example.

You can read more on Christy’s story and the progress of the park in the Real Stories section under Resources.