The Children’s Park of Georgia will be a place that children will love to visit… to play, explore and discover. They will leave feeling encouraged and appreciated. Parents, grandparents and others will also be refueled in their journey, whatever it may be, and find comfort and renewed focus to cherish each moment with precious children.

Every family has their own story…their history of experiences that fill their hearts. The Children’s Park of Georgia will be a place where all of these stories come together in a beautiful tribute. Every monument, bench, dedicated tree, and stone that lines the sidewalks will celebrate the life of a child…each representing a story. The park itself will be a symbolic and artistic tribute to recognize the enormous joys and sometimes devastating trials families may journey through.

Our role model, Children’s Park in Tyler, TX, is described as follows: “there is something so special about this place. You just feel a sense of peace and comfort in this place that honors the memories and celebrates the lives of so many children.”

This extraordinary park will honor thousands of children by name and be a landmark for Metro-Atlanta. It will be a peaceful refuge, appealing to all ages and anyone who has ever been touched by the life of a child.

It will be a living work of art that will be appreciated for its meaning and attention to detail as much as for its beauty. Horticulture lovers will appreciate the great attention to every detail in the design right down to the plant selection.

  • Beautiful trails will form the shape of a butterfly and lead to themed gardens defined by trees and landscaping.
  • Themed areas will be decorated with monuments and engaging writings that will focus on the joys and struggles families endure.
  • Families, with kids of all ages, will love to gather at the park for leisurely strolls, engaging exploration, and fun events.
  • Children will be amazed at the wonderland of colors and friendly statues of children and animals at play.
  • Parents of special needs children will love the attention to detail to make their experience convenient and enjoyable. They will also appreciate their child having a special place to enjoy and be celebrated.