Founding Mother's, Fathers, Grandmothers and Grandfathers

In Fall 2014, we asked the community to band together to help us reach a phase one goal of $90,800 and prove the Children's Park of Georgia was needed and wanted.  We were thrilled by the overwhelming support for this very special park.  The goal was met and surpassed!  We were so encouraged by the many emails, phone calls and messages of what the park will mean to people.

We would like to extend a very sincere thank you to these wonderful mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers who have supported the vision for the Children's Park of Georgia from the very beginning.  The following park founders will forever be recognized on a special thank you monument in the Children's Park of Georgia.  They will also receive special discounts for naming opportunities and recognition at our grand opening ceremony.  Thank you for making this all possible.


Level 1 – Tiger Swallowtails (gift of $1 – $99)

Stephanie Miller
Amy Pauls In honor of Haley and Lindsay
Tyler and Sarah Lackey
Alison Elmer
Alisha Thornton This gift is given in tribute to Bryce M. Griffeth, son of Spencer and Leigh Griffeth.
Kelly Carlin For the Bissell Family
Kelly Carlin For the Bissell Family
Julie Garity Garity Family
Jaime Berens Jaime Berens
Heinze Family
James & Myrna Kraft
Karen Leonard In memory of Rose Caroline Leonard
Alfred Roberts
Patti Alger
Janice Barton
Tanya And Brian Bass
LeAnne Callan
Kathy Carroll
Sherry Chafin
Amy Corrigan
Alicia Holston Ellis
Cortnie Freeman A beautiful place for beautiful children. May the sun shine on your face here my son.
DM Gatton
Debbie Hagey
Maya Arabia
Susan Nealey
Suzanne Parham Katie & Alex Parham
Olivia Proffitt
Karen Schoelles
Mary Spears
Stephanie Tucker The best Mother in the World! Thanks for everything!!
Michele And Shawn Webb
Renee Wilmath

Level 2 – Brown Thrashers (gift of $100 – 499)

The Leszynski Family
Matt McKenna Family
April and Brian Pruitt
The Stewart Family In memory of Billy Martin McClellan and honor of Aoife and Saoirse
Marla & Billy Banks
Karla and Toni In tribute to Alexandra Grace Hughes
Kayla In tribute to Cynthia Darlene Brady
Rusty and Jayne Martin In honor of our grandchildren
Mary Harshbarger
The Banas Family Rob, Jenny, Ben and Abi Banas
Warren and Judith Cummins In memory of Captain Scott Robert Cummins
Brandon and Kimberly Moon Brandon, Kimberly and Morgan Moon
Todd & Terri Davis Emme & Tripp Davis – our greatest blessings
Bert Calderon Madeline Marie Bissell
The Dowd Family
Joyce Fahl In memory of Parker Little
Joyce Fahl In memory of Bruce Little
Tim and Sue Kinnan
The Capozzi Family Sully Capozzi
Matthew and Melissa Row In honor of Selah Row
Linda B. Harris In loving memory of Bradley
Bart & Robyn Bartlett
Robert and Doreen Griffeth Bryce M. Griffeth
Sears Hometown Canton
Steve and Wanda Fowler Abigail Kelley
Pamela Goedhart In memory of Abigail Kelley
Amy Kelley Abigail, Jack, and Mabry Kelley
Kathleen Fisher
Sarah and Allan Dunlavy In honor of our precious children Madison and Cooper
The Bissell Family Madeline Bissell
Christine Boldt
The Shippy Family
Mary Strebel For Nana’s grandchildren
Alfonzo Family In Memory of Megan Alfonzo
Susan Fields Michael Brayden
Dennis and Jenny Muse In memory of our son Michael Muse
Kelli and Brent Sholl Nick, Jack, Nate
Steve, Allison, Zach and Zoe Dawson In Memory of Mimi
Kim and Leon Jarvis Michael, Anna and Joseph
Ellis Family
Paul and Jennifer Bernhard
Michael Hale
Hughes Family
Doug Smith Sandi Anderson
Jennifer Carson
Creston and Cindy Parker In honor of Will
Dr. Marcia Scott Wright In memory of Brittany Ruth Bonner
Marilyn Jefferies Weitzenkorn In honor of Ben and Anna
Scanlan Family In honor of our four precious children: Mason, Caleigh, Joshua, and Coraline
Daniel Escobar and Kimberly Staniszewski-Escobar
Liz Spell
Joseph and Samantha Hunnius
The NeSmith Family In honor of Amelia and Jacob and In memory of Joshua, Emmy and Emma
Roger and Mildred Cavender To honor little miss Courtney Elizabeth Pass
Robert Monroe Hood In Memory of Jerry Monroe Hood
Rachel Elizabeth Hood In Memory of Rachel Waddle & Elizabeth Hood
Brandi Grogan Grogan Kids
John and Linda Rust
Vicki & Jim Sanders Courtney Elizabeth Pass
Spencer and Leigh Griffeth Bryce M. Griffeth
Joy and Michael McEuen
The Cobourn Family Jess Willadsen
The Bone Family
Ron and Shirley Singleton In memory of our son, Brady Singleton
Lavern and Diane How In memory of Emma Hootselle
Posey Family In Memory of Tyler Kenton Balas
Kris and Jamie Foreman Taylor, William, Eliza
Jerry Hillhouse
Ruth and Grayson Berry
Lockett & Shayda Pundt Gemma Maris Pundt
Amy & Shawn Wright Brody, Aven and Declan Wright
Quod Family Meredith Elise Quod
Beverly Morgan (Founding Grandmother) In honor of the Carrin Children
Anonymous Brody Wright
Richard and Rhonda Abbott
Billy and Fran Baldwin
The Dowie Family In honor of the Malik family, Basam Carrie, Conner, Aria and Jaffer as a remembrance of their baby Gloria.
Charles & Sarah Chambers (Founding Grandparents) In memory of Courtney Elizabeth Pass
Gwen Espinoza (Founding Grandmother) Estrella Natalia
The Vines Family
Mike, Ginny and Ryan Spencer In honor of Our son Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Haley In honor of our children and grandchildren
Kevin & Beth Taggart
Edd Anderson
Renee Fouquet In memory of Rachael Fouquet
John & Misty Allen
Peterson Damien
Michelle Williams and Harvey Cain
Carolyn Mullikin (Founding Grandmother) This is a great opportunity for all of us to support children. Thanks to the vision and hard work of all involved.
Ben and Vanessa Rough
Angela & Kevin Meehan
Brian and Brooke Schmidt In honor of Reid and Audra Schmidt
Preston and Shannon Griffin
Melinda Cooper
Marlene M. Blocker
Jennifer Carver Please let me know if there is anything I can do in the future to help this foundation achieve its mission. God will bless this ministry beyond your imagination.
Kristin Crayton
Carol Davis
Karen Davis
Lisa Hootselle
Jennifer Howe
Kathleen Johnson
Joyce Mullenix
Northwest Atlanta Moms of Multiples
E P Myers
Mitch and Amy Nelson We are excited for you & any future siblings to have this wonderful park to enjoy! May wonderful memories with family & friends be built here. Love, Mom & Dad
Jennifer Newsom
Wendy Walden
Ashley Welborn

Level 3 – Azalias (gift of $500 – $999)

Barbara Hosford VanGo Studios
Bridgemill Sixes Service League
Lisa and Dustin Ade In honor of Mary Elizabeth Paris
Lisa Lujan In memory of Melissa Lujan
The Livelys
Mitchell Brannen NAI Brannen Goddard
Carrie Reagan Carrie Reagan Photography
Mark and Peggy Moore In memory of Rusty and Richard Jonathan and in honor of Matt, Andy and Christian
Donna Harris The Carpenter’s Shop
Pam and Tim Cavender Courtney Elizabeth Pass
Jeff and Lisa Hootselle In loving memory of Emma and in celebration of Hayden and Maddie
Carver Family
Scot & Stephanie McClure In honor of Jake and Maris
The Gunkler Family In memory of Devyn and celebration of Kyle, Kailyn, Colin, and Connor
Kendra Odom
Christy and Jeff Zeigler In memory of Alexis and celebration of Mason and Meredith

Level 4 – Georgia Peaches (gift of $1,000 – $2,999)

Ball Ground Business and Community Association
Anonymous 12/27/2014
Nancy Edith Cox In loving memory of my granddaughter Alexis Cox Zeigler
Kim & Stephen Chastain Tribute to our children
Bill and Sarah Weitzenkorn In honor of Ben and Anna
Brad and Noelle Banks The Banks Team Realty
Mitchell & Deborah Brannen
Hank And Magdi Holliger With love to our Heavenly girls
Sandi and Nathan Anderson

Level 5 – Cherokee Roses (gift of $3,000 – $4,999)

Level 6 – Quartz Gems (gift of $5,000 – $9,999)

The Service League of Cherokee County
Nick and Jenny Johnson
Don and Karen Clark

Level 7 – Live Oaks (gift of $10,000 and above)