Engraved Sidewalk Stones

$ 100.00 $ 250.00

Celebrating the lives of ALL children.  The butterfly shaped sidewalks of the Children’s Park of Georgia will be lined with the names of thousands of children. They will be a perfect way for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends to honor and celebrate the lives of special children they cherish. Children will be delighted to see their names permanently recorded in this amazing park – a park that celebrates them. It will be a place they love to visit as a child, make many happy memories, and will return to with their children and grandchildren. A stone would make a wonderful gift for a new baby, Christening/Dedication, Birthday, Graduation, Christmas, etc…

These special stones also provide a very special way to honor precious lives that are no longer with us. For families who have suffered a loss, this is a special way to ensure precious lives (no matter how long or short) are never forgotten. It also provides an uplifting place to visit on birthdays and difficult anniversaries. Children can have a picnic next to the engraved stones of siblings and then do what children do best – play.

  • Each stone honors the individual life of one child. No family names or groups of children are permitted.
  • No graphics, custom messages or dates are permitted on the engraved sidewalk stones.
  • There is no age limit on lives that are honored. Seniors are encouraged to recognize the lives of their “children” too.
  • It has not yet been confirmed what material the “stone” will be. It may be granite, brick, or other concrete material. It will be to the discretion of the leaders of RGCF to determine what material will be the most functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing for the park.
  • Upon registering your stone, you will receive a confirmation email with your order number.  That number will be used for planning and locating the stone(s) within the sidewalks of the park. Prior to the park opening, we will publish a map and are planning a mobile app that will assist you in finding yours and other stones within the park.

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